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Tea Dinner Party


The tea dinner party was a bit disappointing really. I think people got a bit lazy with this one so there are only a few recipes and not that many photos. The food at the party that actually contained tea was quite good, so I don’t want to skip posting about this entirely, but I will keep it brief. I […]

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Cinnamon Dinner Party!

The cinnamon dinner party was a success! It was actually a brunch party and everyone brought delicious food! So lets cut to the chase! Here are the recipes: Nick and I made Blueberry Muffins with Doughnut topping from Baking for All Occasions Blueberry Muffins with Doughnut Topping from Flo Braker’s Baking For All Occasions, page 60 | Makes 12 muffins […]

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Maple Dinner Party!

February’s dinner party was maple themed. The meal was well-balanced despite having such a sweet ingredient. There was also a lot of bacon and Rose ate most of it. I did not collect recipes from other dinner party goers, but I made Translucent Maple Tuiles (Dorie Greenspan) and Boston Brown Bread with Maple-Baked Apple Butter Beans (Mark Bittman.) Kathy and […]

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The Fake Dinner Party!

This theme was a lot of fun, but I don’t have any of the recipes. The idea behind this party was to make deceptive dishes. Cakes that looked like hamburgers, “fries” that were actually sweet pastry dough with strawberry jelly “ketchup.” You get the idea. It was lot of fun, but it was confusing! Especially the “Carrot Cake” which was […]

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Purple Dinner Party

The winter solstice is upon us and I am so glad to know the days are getting longer again! Every minute of sunlight is an improvement on the pitch-black darkness at 4:00pm. To celebrate the days getting longer again, I thought I would post some photos from a dinner party we had last spring. The theme was “purple.” I gave […]

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Edible Flower Dinner Party

This party was amazing! I can’t believe all the stuff that people came up with! The photos are beautiful and the food was delicious. We haven’t decided on the next theme or when it will happen, but I can’t wait! Now to the photos and the recipes! Nick and I made squash blossom pesto and pistachio meringues with rose water […]

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The Great Pea Dinner Party!

  We had this dinner party a long time ago so I’m sorry for the delay! It was a really tasty party with a much wider variety of dishes than I thought we would have. It was a little too early to have garden fresh peas, but we made do with frozen and the results were delicious! Today we are […]

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Seed Dinner Party

  This was a wonderful dinner party with lots of great recipes! I will cut right to the chase with those now!     First, the drinks. Martin was in charge of these and came up with two amazing and entertaining drinks. Since I can’t booze it up these days he made this version for me and for himself (the […]

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Root Vegetable Dinner Party!

This month’s dinner party had a root vegetable theme and everyone brought their A-game. It was a really delicious dinner party!

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Mushroom Dinner Party!

I don’t have all the recipes from this awesome mushroom party, but I wish I did! Perhaps people can fill in the missing ones later? This party was way back in September and I am very sorry for the long delay in posting to the blog.

Nick and I were in Europe for most of October and then November came and went without my knowing it and now we are in mid-December and I finally have time to sit and reflect on all the happenings in the kitchen. I have a lot of catching up to do on posts so I thought I would start with a couple of the dinner parties and then go from there.

Here are the recipes I do have from the mushroom party and I think the Umami Manhattans would make an excellent Christmas Eve drink and the Upside down Mushroom tarts are so easy they would also make excellent holiday party fare. Enjoy and more posts soon!

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