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Sun sugar tomatoes and other cherry tomatoes

Sun sugar tomatoes and other cherry tomatoes

Nick and I recently had a baby bug free 24 hours. She was visiting her grandparents in the burbs so we had a nice night out and in the morning we had time to go to the Farmer’s Market! But wait, can’t you take a kid to a farmer’s market? Of course you can, but our kid is at the point where she can’t decide whether she wants to A.) kiss every dog she sees B.) take a tiny bite out of every piece of produce she can get her hands on, or C.) simply run directly into traffic. So Nick and I took our time looking at every stall at the market, admiring the different colors and shapes of the fruits and vegetables and even had time to pick out flowers. Sigh, such a calm morning.

We ended up buying about 2 pints of the most flavorful cherry tomatoes either of us had ever tried. The orange ones were called Sun Sugar and the rest were a mix of other varieties. So, so good. They made me remember that tomatoes are tiny fruits!
Before we rescued the Baby Bug from the burbs I made a quick lunch. I wanted to make something with the sweet little tomatoes, but I didn’t want to cook them because I wanted them to retain their shape and sweetness, but if I didn’t cook them, at least a little bit, I wouldn’t be able to eat as many as I wanted because raw tomatoes start to make my mouth hurt after awhile…What to do.
Here is what I did.

Cherry Tomatoes Pasta

Cherry Tomatoes Pasta

I boiled water and made a couple servings of pasta. When the pasta was al dente, I drained almost all the water and then quickly stirred in Parmesan and threw the little cherry tomatoes (I had cut them in half or in quarters) on top and let the warm pasta cook them just a little bit. I left them, covered until the skin on the tomatoes just started to pull away from the flesh of the fruit. A little salt and pepper at the table and it was perfect. Summer in a bowl. The remaining photos are of Baby Bug and the rest of the family.


Rose with grandma and Nick trying her first tomato of the season. She didn't love it, maybe next time.

Rose with grandma and Nick trying her first tomato of the season. She didn’t love it, maybe next time.

Rose helping pick peppers at Baba and Dida's house.

Rose helping pick peppers at Baba and Dida’s house.

Rose eating pasta

Rose eating pasta


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  1. Martin Seay
    22 August, 2013

    Rose’s propensity to take tiny bites out of vegetables, her fondness for running into traffic, and her expression in the middle photo above lead me to conclude that she might actually be a squirrel. More tests are required.

    You know where they grow some good cherry tomatoes? Hawaii. (We were in Hawaii recently. Did we mention that? Because we were.) That place is like total locovore paradise. In addition to being, like, just regular paradise.

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